We are delighted to announce that our deliveries are carbon neutral! We have worked closely with the brilliant Climate Partner to calculate the estimated CO2 that is produced when shipping your orders -  we then offset this by supporting Plastic Bank, the Worldwide clean ocean project.

The calculation is based on:

  • Estimating the average weight and delivery distance for each order.

  • Calculating the average level of CO2 emitted per order and extrapolating this out for our predicted sales for 2021 with a 10% safety margin.

  • At the end of the year we will review the amount offset compared to the estimate to adjust where necessary.

Who are Plastic Bank and how does this offset the CO2 produced?

It is estimated that over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. The shocking reality is, that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. 

Due to various socio-economic factors, developing countries often lack the infrastructure for proper waste disposal and this is where our friends Plastic Bank come in! In countries such as Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, people collect plastic waste and can then at local collection points, they can exchange their collected plastic for money, food, drinking water, mobile phone credit or even to pay for school fees. The initiative is fantastic as it ensures less plastic ends up in the sea and instead, the plastic is recycled and turned into so-called Social Plastic, which serves as raw material for new products such as packaging. 

Alongside being active in the fight against plastic pollution, the Worldwide clean ocean project carbon offset via two Climate Partner Gold Standard projects: a wind farm in the Philippines and a wind power project in Aruba. For each compensated tonne of CO2, 10 kg of plastic waste is collected. 

Offsetting the CO2 produced from our shipping is a step towards becoming a fully carbon neutral business - we look forward to sharing our journey with you!

You can track our carbon neutral work with Climate Partner and check out the projects we are supporting here.


March 07, 2021 — Wave Case