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It’s time to protect your phone and the environment with Wave’s biodegradable phone cases. 

By making a simple switch to an eco-friendly phone case, you can reduce your plastic consumption, while still making sure your phone is fully protected every day. Our plastic free cases have been military grade drop tested and feature a 2mm lip around the screen and camera for ultimate protection.

At Wave, sustainable does not mean boring. Made from plant-based materials, our iPhone cases come in a range of colours and printed designs to suit everyone. From pastels and rainbow colours to exotic and floral designs, we’re bringing style into the world of sustainability!

Whether you’re looking for an iPhone 6 Plus case, an 11 Pro Max case or an iPhone 14 phone case, you can find the right case for your smartphone at Wave. High-quality and durable, these cases are great value for money, helping you to save money as well as the planet. 

Join the fight against plastic pollution today by making a small change to your lifestyle, but a big change to the planet.  

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