iPhone 11
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iPhone 11 - Etched
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Embrace the future with our biodegradable iPhone 11 cases - ensuring your phone's safety and the planet's well-being all in one.

Shop iPhone 11 Cases at Wave Case

Upgrade your iPhone 11’s defence game with our military-grade drop-tested cases, equipped with a 2mm lip around the screen and camera, delivering security and sustainability in one package. Do this while you unveil your style with our iPhone 11 cases, meticulously crafted from plant-based materials and offering an assortment of styles, ranging from diverse colours to etched designs.

Eco-Conscious iPhone 11 Cases

Blend and pair your biodegradable purchases with our iPhone accessories. What’s more, when you opt for a Wave iPhone 11 case, you're actively participating in more than just preventing plastic waste in oceans. You're also backing significant efforts like 1% for the Planet, Surfers Against Sewage, and The Wave Project.