iPhone 14
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iPhone 14 - Etched
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iPhone 14 MagSafe Compatible
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Introducing our biodegradable iPhone 14 case, that protects your phone and the planet.

Shop iPhone 14 Cases At Wave Case

Keep your Apple product protected with our eco-friendly iPhone 14 cases, which not only protect your phone - but the planet, too. Our cases have been military-grade drop-tested and feature a 2mm lip around the screen and camera for the greatest protection! You can also pair your iPhone 14 case with Wave’s screen protector - for the ultimate phone protection! 

Stay Sustainable With Eco-Friendly iPhone 14 Cases

Our sustainable iPhone 14 cases are made from plant-based materials and offer numerous style options, from etched to printed designs. Wave also provides a MagSafe compatible iPhone 14 case, to make sure we’re keeping you up with all the latest Apple technology, in an eco-friendly way! 

And why stop there? Mix and match your biodegradable products with our iPhone accessories. Or if you don’t have an iPhone 14, check out our other cases for an array of devices. Join us in fighting against plastic pollution, one phone case at a time!