Choosing a phone case comes down to personal preference, and style options and, ultimately, depends on what you as a buyer prioritise. If you prioritise slim design and durability then a hard case may be better suited to you, but if you prioritise shock absorption and grip then a soft case may be a better fit. 

There’s a debate about whether people should opt for a hard or soft phone case. If you’re undecided, then let us help weigh up your options.

Hard Phone Cases

The Pros

Typically made of strong materials, hard cases are designed to withstand bigger impacts, meaning if you’re clumsy and likely to drop your phone, then you’re well protected.

Scratch Resistance 
The materials of harder cases make them more resistant to scratching to keep your phone in its best condition.

Easy to Clean 
Hard cases are often a lot easier to clean, too, meaning you can maintain the appearance of your phone easily.

The Cons

Limited Shock Absorption 
While hard cases can take impact they aren’t typically designed to take the shock of a drop meaning that your phone may take more of the force

Less Grip
The materials used for hard cases are typically less grippy making it easier for your phone to drop out of your hand

More Prone to Cracking
Hard cases are more likely to crack than soft whether this is from bending or from the impact of a drop 

Soft Phone Cases

The Pros

Shock absorption
The soft material of these cases excels at absorbing the shock from drops, meaning your phone won’t

More tactile, grippy texture on the material making it easier to hold and a lot more difficult for you to drop your phone

Soft cases are more flexible making them easier to put on and take off your device and less likely to break and crack

The Cons

Pick Up Dust
Soft cases may attract dirt and dust more than hard cases, making them look more worn than they actually are

Less Scratch Resistant
It can be easier to scratch the materials that form a soft phone case, which is worth considering if you’re someone who catches your phone on corners often

Wave Case Soft Cases

At Wave Case, we’ve taken the argument for both into account but we’ve prioritised biodegradable materials and sustainability.

Currently, we offer soft phone cases for devices to hit the ideal balance between phone protection and planet protection. Our softer phone cases are plastic-free, but this doesn’t mean they can’t withstand impact. Each Wave Case has been military-grade drop tested, which means dropped many times to ensure maximum protection. This, paired with a 2mm raised lip for screen and camera protection, means that our soft cases can offer a high level of protection for every device.

We know that softer cases can get a bit of wear and tear over time. That’s why we offer our Replace, Return, Recycle scheme. Meaning that when you upgrade your phone you can return your old Wave Case to us for a discount on a new one? When the time is right, these will either be industrially composted with a local partner or even better, recycled into new cases.

Consider what your daily activities involve, how clumsy you are and what style you would prefer to carry. That way, you can make the choice that suits you and protects your phone the best.

February 13, 2024 — Wave Case
Tags: Tech