As dedicated receivers of our Sustainability Sundays newsletter, you will be aware that weekly we share a spotlight on other sustainable brands and products to help our community make mindful and eco-conscious purchases. So with Christmas around the corner, we’ve created our Sustainable Christmas Shopping Guide, featuring all of our past spotlights! 

So whether you’re a seasoned sustainability enthusiast or a curious beginner, this resource will help you navigate the realm of eco-conscious shopping, helping you make considered choices this Christmas!



It’s Christmas for your furry friends too! So embrace Beco, a leading pet brand committed to providing a range of products that promise a positive impact on your beloved pets and a minimal impact on our planet.

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Greener Walker

I mean we can’t be the only ones that get our pet’s christmas presents, right? Well this holiday season we are keeping it practical and sustainable with Greener Walker dog poop bags! Made with a biodegradable bio-corn starch blend and 100% leak-proof design, we’re keeping our pet’s environmental impact low!

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Project Blu

This Christmas give your pet the gift of a cosy sleep with Project Blu’s sustainable pet beds! Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and clothing, with comfort and durability promised, and a range of sizes and styles - what’s not to love? So let your pet sleep soundly this festive season, knowing you made a more planet friendly choice!

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Kind Bag

This festive season, embrace the eco-conscious charm of the Kind Bag, crafted from rescued plastic bottles destined for our oceans. With its durable design and a variety of stylish options, bid adieu to flimsy, disposable bags and welcome sustainability this Christmas!

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This holiday season, WUKA, a British brand specialising in leak-proof and reusable period wear, advocates for a planet-friendly approach to menstruation. According to WUKA, if every menstruating individual makes the switch to reusable alternatives, an astounding 9,600 plastic-laden pads could be saved from polluting landfills and oceans in their lifetime. Let's make a sustainable difference this Christmas, one period/present at a time!

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With all the Christmas parties and events coming up, elevate your style sustainably with HURR's elegant rental options! Discover a cost-effective approach to fashion with their clothing and accessory rentals, promoting a circular economy and reducing landfill waste. Go green this Christmas and make a fashionable, eco-conscious statement at every celebration!

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Euphoric Threads

Already starting to think of next summer, well we’ve got you covered with beachwear from Euphoric Threads! Combining style and sustainability, their UK-made beachwear is crafted from recycled materials, maximising your style and minimising your environmental footprint. 

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Dock and Bay

Whilst summer may be a distant memory or a spec in the distance, that doesn’t mean your gifts can’t be beach related! How about a  quick dry beach towel from Dock and Bay? All their towels are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and come in vibrant colour options - meaning you can be sustainable and stylish with Dock and Bay! 

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What about a gift to yourself? December is the month of events and celebrations so make sure you have the perfect outfit with Hirestreet! Hirestreet is a rental company that promotes a circular fashion economy, prevents one-wear purchases and isn’t as harsh on the bank account. You and the planet can be a winner with this eco-friendly option for your festive events! 

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Face Theory

Celebrate this Christmas with Face Theory’s gentle and planet-friendly 100% organic cotton pads, designed to revolutionise your makeup removal routine! These reusable pads are not only easy on your skin but also machine washable and compostable, ensuring a sustainable gift that can be enjoyed long after the holiday season!

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PHB Ethical Beauty

This Christmas, why settle for a make-up brand that doesn’t have sustainability at it’s core, when you could choose PHB Ethical Beauty as your go-to instead. Providing natural, ethical and sustainable beauty products, this make-up brand is family-run and based in Brighton. They offer a range of products, all packaged in recyclable materials and the best part is they are actually affordable! 

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Looking for a stocking filler that is sustainable? Well get ready to brush off plastics, with Virtue Brush’s eco-friendly bamboo brush! VirtueBrush supplies plastic free personal care products to help you reduce your plastic footprint, whilst also planting one tree per item sold. So say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to planet-friendly hair care this Christmas! 

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Heackles Hand Soap

Perfect for a stocking filler or those pesky work secret Santas - Heackles' gentle hand soap is great for your skin and the planet. Made with vegan ingredients and hand-harvested seaweed from the British Coast, it's the perfect festive treat for your loved ones (or yourself!)

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Smol laundry capsules

This festive season, give the gift of clean laundry with Smol's eco-friendly laundry! This British brand guarantees efficient washing while boasting cruelty-free and vegan certification, along with plastic-free packaging and reduced chemical use per wash. Take a step towards a merrier, greener Christmas with Smol!

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Compostable Sponge

This Christmas, make your dishes and your environmental conscience sparkle with a delightful biodegradable sponge, proudly made in the UK! Compostable, crafted from renewable resources, and 100% plastic-free, it's the perfect festive addition to your eco-friendly kitchen. Don't wait any longer to embrace sustainable cleanliness!

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Ocean Saver Eco Dishwasher Tablets

It’s hard to find christmas gifts that are sustainable and practical, but Ocean Saver’s dishwasher tablets are both! They are EcoCert certified, made with 96% plant & mineral-based ingredients and match top dishwasher brands for their cleaning efficacy! With buying options this could be the practical gift you are actually thanked for! 

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Queen Bee Wraps

This Christmas, be enchanted by the UK-based small business's delightful beeswax wraps. These wraps are your eco-friendly gift to the planet, offering a sustainable way to preserve your food without plastic waste.

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Make a christmas coffee toast with TOPL’s reusable coffee cups! This British drinking technology company is dedicated to revolutionising on-the-go drinking with their innovative range of reusable products. So indulge in a festive coffee while making a merry impact on the planet! 

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One Green Bottle

Want to give a give that is practical and sustainable for your loved ones? Then a reusable bottle from One Green Bottle is the choice for you! Preventing plastic waste and offered in a multitude of sizes, colours and styles, alongside personalisation, the choice is clear! 

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Reusable Cupcake Cases

Keen to find an eco-friendly gift for the keen baker in your family? Then let us introduce reusable cupcake cases! These cases can be used again and again, preventing single use cases, and as an added bonus are also dishwasher friendly. So festive baking can be enjoyed whilst the kitchen stays environmentally friendly! 

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The Uncommon

Does anything spell a cozy Christmas like a sparkling wine during a wintry English evening? Choose British grown and based Uncommon wine, which is packaged exclusively in aluminium cans. With a carbon footprint a quarter of that of glass bottles, you can sip guilt-free this season (and forget the hassle of a corkscrew!). Enjoy the festive spirit with every refreshing sip!

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Odd Coffee Co

Do you want a gift that lasts past Christmas morning? Then look no further than the Odd Coffee Co, who provide delicious coffee while championing sustainability. By rescuing rejected roasted beans, ground coffee, and coffee pods from premium roasters, they reduce waste in the coffee industry. You can choose from one off purchases to subscriptions, meaning you can enjoy guilt-free coffee delivered right to your door!

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Wonky Veg Boxes

This festive season, embrace the magic of reducing food waste and saving money with Wonky Veg Boxes! By rescuing rejected but delicious fruit and vegetables, they deliver a delightful surprise straight to your door. Even for the pickiest eaters, they offer the option to exclude any disliked produce from your purchase. So spread the joy of sustainable shopping long after Christmas with Wonky Veg Boxes!

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DASH Water

Amidst the festive hustle and bustle, you've likely noticed the trendy, recyclable aluminium cans of DASH water, making waves everywhere! Savour the delicious and sustainable taste of rescued (wonky!) fruit infused with British spring water. DASH water is the perfect storm of flavour and sustainability, adding a refreshing touch to your Christmas celebrations!

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Little Nest Box

This Christmas, discover the perfect, heartfelt gift for new babies in your family with Little Nest Box. Handcrafted in the UK, their adorable mobiles are an ideal gift, crafted from wool felt and natural wood for a cute and eco-friendly touch. Celebrate the season of giving with Little Nest Box's delightful and sustainable treasures!

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Hand Me Down Book Club

Do you want to encourage the children in your family to embrace their inner bookworm? Then look no further than the Hand Me Down Book Club, which prevents books being sent to landfill by sending a monthly selection of preloved books. You can choose between 5-8 and 9-12 years age ranges, meaning your loved one will receive a carefully curated selection of books each month that they can really sink their teeth into. Promoting reading and sustainability; it’s a win win to us! 

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