Military-grade drop testing is a series of tests that take place, typically, to assess the durability and resilience of military equipment or devices when subjected to various drop scenarios. They take place to make sure that items can withstand the physical stress, impact and risk associated with typical use in military operations.

The testing typically involves dropping the equipment from specific heights onto different surfaces, such as concrete or other hard materials, simulating the conditions it might encounter in the field. The tests then aim to figure out how well the equipment can endure shocks, vibrations, and impact without getting damaged.

Military-grade drop-tested phone cases, then, are cases that have been tested under real-life conditions, dropped from certain heights to understand how much shock and impact they can take when protecting a device.

Why do you need a military-grade drop-tested phone case?

The term "military-grade" about a phone case usually implies that the case has undergone rigorous testing based on military standards for durability and impact resistance. Phone cases need to be tested this way because:

  • Better Protection: Military-grade drop testing means that the phone case is designed to withstand a variety of impact scenarios. This means that the case is more likely to provide the best protection for your phone if it is accidentally dropped or if an accident happens.
  • Durability: This military set of standards often involves testing for durability under extreme or harsh conditions. A phone case that has passed such tests is more likely to be resilient and long-lasting, offering prolonged protection for your device and making it a much more sustainable option (what a bonus!).
  • High Quality: Military-grade standards are extreme and set a high bar for quality. When a phone case is labelled as meeting or exceeding these standards, it provides a level of certainty regarding the quality of materials and construction making the product a better investment for your money.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your phone case has undergone military-grade drop testing can give you peace of mind, especially if you are a bit clumsy, prone to dropping your phone or using it in environments where it may be exposed to rough handling.

How Military-Grade Drop Testing Supports a Sustainable World

By improving product resilience, military-grade drop testing can support a more sustainable product life cycle and, long term, reduce both an individual’s waste and a company’s, too.

But, how?

  • Extended Product Lifespan: This increased durability can lead to a longer product lifespan, reducing the amount of time with which users need to replace or dispose of damaged items. Extending the lifespan of products helps minimise the overall environmental impact of manufacturing, transportation, and waste.
  • Reduced Need for Replacements: When products are more resistant to damage, there is a lower likelihood of them becoming unusable due to accidental drops or impacts. This reduces the need for people to replace their products frequently. Reduced replacement rates mean fewer resources are consumed in the production and distribution of new items, contributing to resource sustainability.
  • Lower Environmental Footprint: By creating products that can withstand harsh conditions, manufacturers can reduce the environmental footprint associated with the production and disposal of goods. Sustainable design practices, as demonstrated through military-grade testing, can lead to less material waste and energy consumption throughout a product's life cycle.
  • Decreased Electronic Waste: Electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are often subject to accidental drops, which can result in broken screens or other damages. Military-grade drop testing for electronic devices and protective cases can help prevent such damages, reducing the amount of electronic waste generated.

That’s right, by purchasing products that have been military-grade drop-tested not only could you save yourself a bit of stress knowing that they can handle accidental drops but you may also be helping save the planet. 

Take a look at how our Wave Case phone cases are military-grade drop-tested and the other steps we take to support sustainability.
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case
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