Regardless of what type of business or industry you work in, we know for sure that your phone comes along with you every single day. And, with your phone putting in the same shift as you, it’s important to look after it in the right way.

If you’re not sure what you should be looking out for to ensure your phone is especially protected in your industry, let us help.

What You Need to Think About Before Buying a Phone Case for Work

Job Environment
Consider where you work exactly; what do you need to protect your phone from? Are you outdoors or are you blending into a professional environment?

Consider how much protection you need in your job for your phone. Are you likely to drop it on a hard surface or possibly in water? This will impact the material of the case you’ll pick.

If you work somewhere like a hospital or with children, that means you need to be able to clean your phone case easily for better hygiene.

What Phone Case For Your Industry

If you’re used to working outdoors and in the muck then you need to make sure you have a rugged, heavy-duty case with shock-absorbing features. Waterproof and dustproof will also help keep your case extra safe from your working surroundings.

Antimicrobial or cases you can easily clean are ideal for nurses, doctors or those working in healthcare environments to maintain hygiene. Slim and lightweight cases that won't add much bulk are perfect to help avoid extra added weight to the scrubs pockets.

Business is all about being sleek, so the main need in this industry is a professional-looking phone case that complements a business environment.

Creative Industries
The main requirement for a phone case for creative employees are stylish and customisable cases that reflect personal or brand aesthetics. Slim, form-fitting cases that maintain the sleek design of high-end smartphones.

Sustainable Phone Cases for Industries

If you’re looking for phone cases to supply to your business, whatever industry you’re in, you should consider ensuring you pick suppliers that align with your business eco goals. 

Sustainability should be a top level consideration for your industry’s phone cases to help reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive. By understanding the needs of businesses across a range of industries, we can offer competitive pricing so that protecting your phone doesn’t have to cost you the planet.

Learn more about how Wave Case can provide phone cases for businesses across a range of industries and invest in sustainability today.
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case
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