Want to reduce your carbon footprint but struggling to know where to start? 

Here at Wave, we’ve put together this guide to help you find easy and affordable ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 

From alternative travel ideas to making small changes to your shopping habits, there are plenty of sustainable things you can do that won’t take up any of your time… or break the bank! 

Read on to learn 10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Use alternatives to single use plastics

Single Use Plastics + The Ocean = Devastation. 

We’re all aware of the harmful effects single use plastics have on the world’s wildlife, especially for our ocean creatures, and this has made the fight against single use plastic more prevalent than ever.

There have been many societal changes made to reduce the use of these types of plastics. From the introduction of the plastic bag charge in 2015, to Glastonbury Festival banning the sales of single use plastics at Worthy Farm, all these acts have contributed to the fight to save our planet. 

But how can we, as individuals, help? Here are a few alternatives you could try: 

  • Stainless steel straws

  • Reusable containers rather than cling film

  • Bamboo cutlery

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Canvas tote bags instead of carrier bags

Plant a tree

No matter what type of house you live in, whether it be a flat or a detached house, there’s always room for a couple of plant pots. 

Conkers and acorns are accessible seeds you can find in your local park. Simply plant them in a pot and watch your mini forest start growing!

Once you get into the gardening lifestyle, you’ll find there are so many things you can plant to help the environment. Wildflowers, lavender, succulents… they all attract more wildlife to your garden and help reduce the carbon in the air. 

Top Tip: if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not start growing your own fruit and veg?! Tomatoes are super easy to grow and means you won’t have to trek to the shop when you fancy a cherry tom!

Reduce your meat intake 

We don’t mean you have to give up the bacon sarnies forever! Even David Attenborough isn’t a full-time veggie. But, reducing your meat intake can help reduce your carbon footprint. Issues of over farming are causing excessive amounts of methane to pollute the air. So, by choosing a flexitarian lifestyle, you’ll be helping the environment!

Top Tip: opt for 2-3 plant-based meals a week, or be a veggie on weekdays and a meat eater on the weekend! Also, if you haven’t tried the Linda McCartney range yet… what are you waiting for?! The Mozzarella Burgers are melt-in-your-mouth DELICIOUS!

Cycle and walk 

Reduce your emissions by choosing to walk or cycle as your main form of transportation. Plus, it’s a great way to keep fit and healthy, too!


Recycling doesn’t have to be just about popping the right waste in the right bin. There are plenty of other ways you can recycle, too. Whether you transform an empty wine bottle into a lamp or reuse your tin cans as planters, you can really get creative in your bid to recycle. 

Shop sustainably 

Fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry and changing where you shop can help to reduce your carbon footprint.  

Charity shops are great places to pick up on-trend pieces at a fraction of the price. Not only are you supporting charities in need, but you are also doing your bit to help the planet. 

There are also some great UK sustainable fashion brands that we recommend you check out, too! 

Switch off 

A simple change you can make in the comfort of your own home is to switch off your electrics when they’re not in use. TVs, microwaves, kettles… these appliances don’t need to be constantly on, so remember to hit the switch when you’re done.

Local and organic food 

No more than ever, it is important to support local businesses… and it’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. 

It means you won’t have to travel far for your weekly food shop, and many local produces are organic, meaning no harmful chemicals will have been used in the growing process – it’s a win, win!

Conserve Water 

Saving water saves the planet! 

Little changes like switching the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth, or using a water collector outside for rain water are great and easy ways to conserve water and reduce your carbon footprint.

Top Tip: use what’s in your water collector to water the plants and trees you’ve just potted!

Choose a Wavecase

Our final solution to reducing your carbon footprint is to #jointhewave. By using one of our plastic free Wavecases, you’re not only protecting your phone, but you’re also protecting the planet! 

Want to learn more? 

There are so many ways you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and it’s small changes like these that will make a big impact in the future. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration on ways to live sustainably, check out these 10 eco-friendly products you need for a green lifestyle

For more information on our eco-friendly phone cases, check out our story and follow us on Instagram to #jointhewave.

November 01, 2020 — Wave Case
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