According to the most recent climate change survey carried out by YouGov, we as a country are worried about the future of our planet more than ever, with over two thirds of the population sharing their concerns about climate change and its effects.

Although many people who were surveyed said they were willing to make smaller changes to their lifestyle - 59% said they would never buy single-use plastic again - there was a large proportion of Brits who were unwilling to make substantial changes. 

For instance, 67% were not willing to cut out meat and dairy from their diets, whilst another 44% were unwilling to opt for alternatives, like walking and public transport, instead of driving.

But as the issue of climate change becomes more prominent in our daily lives, we need to start making more impactful changes where possible. 

To help inspire and educate you more, we’ve pulled together a list of must-see documentaries, which delve into the issues of climate change and bring to the forefront the looming danger our planet is facing. 

Not only are eco-friendly documentaries like these useful in increasing our knowledge on environmental issues, but they also give us some great tips on what we can do as individuals to help save our world. 

Here are a few of our favourites that you should pop on your watch list!

Seaspiracy (2021) 

Seaspiracy sent shock waves through the world when it hit our screens in 2021 and its message has stayed with viewers ever since. 

Uncovering the harrowing secrets of the world’s fishing industries, this documentary does more than expose the harm marine life suffers; it unravels disturbing corruption on a global scale and is a must-watch to really understand the enormity of our climate issues. 

Frozen Planet 2 (2022) & A Life on Our Planet (2020)

If there’s anyone who can teach us about looking after our planet, it’s Sir David Attenborough. 

Throughout his career, he has travelled the world, educating us on the wildlife that fill our oceans, jungles and African plains and has taken us on a marvellous adventure into the natural world. 

His latest work, Frozen Planet 2, shows us how nature can still survive in hostile environments, while A Life on Our Planet brings together his life’s work to showcase how our planet has changed, and continues to change, because of the way we live. 

It is a hard-hitting documentary that shows harrowing predictions of how the world will look if we continue to live at the pace we are. However, Attenborough’s optimism and knowledge guides us on ways to prevent further damage, to save not only our planet and the wildlife that live here, but to also save ourselves. 

Down to Earth (2020)

If you’re more of a series lover than a film fanatic, Down to Earth is the perfect documentary for you. 

Zac Efron teams up with Darin Olien to journey across the globe, stopping off at different places each episode to discover how the people there live sustainably. 

From exploring Iceland’s use of renewable energy and wall-gardening in London, to discovering how nutrition helps the locals of Sardinia live long, healthy lives, Down to Earth is an inspiring documentary series that will make you laugh, cry and really think about how our actions can make a difference. 

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

This ground-breaking documentary opened a can of worms when it was first released in 2014. 

Filmmaker, Kip Anderson, decided to challenge an industry that many were too afraid to talk about: Animal Agriculture. 

As a world, we over farm and this is the biggest cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution. Kip highlights how detrimental over-farming is to the planet and offers sustainable solutions to help shape a greener future. 

A Plastic Ocean (2016) 

We are all aware of the increase of plastic sinking into our oceans.

But are you aware of exactly how this plastic pollution impacts the environment? 

Dive into a new world with journalist Craig Leeson, as he sets off to explore the severity of plastic pollution and what it means for us and our world in his documentary, A Plastic Ocean

The True Cost (2015)

The secrets of the fashion industry are slowly leaking through and this documentary makes sure everything spills out!

The True Cost sheds light on the production of the clothing we see hanging on the rails in famous, high-street stores. But what is the true cost of being able to buy a pair of jeans for less than 10 pounds or a top for no more than five? 

This documentary shows the harrowing cost the fashion industry has on our planet, and on the people who manufacture the garments, and will make you question your own shopping habits and how you can change them, to create a sustainable future for the fashion industry. 

These are just a handful of great documentaries to watch, with plenty more available for you to add to your watch list. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration on ways to live sustainably, head over to our blog, where you’ll find the best sustainable fashions brands to shop from and some easy eco swaps you can make!


February 02, 2021 — Wave Case
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