Our Instagram feeds are now filled with dreamy interior photos, from boho-inspired themes to classic minimalist décor, and there’s no denying it gives us the bug to want to decorate. 

But, how can you decorate your home sustainably? 

Whether you’ve just moved in to your new place or are wanting to give your home a refresh, read on to find out how you can decorate your house sustainably. 

Use Non-Toxic Paint

Try and use non-toxic, sustainable paint when you’re decorating. Many brands sell a sustainable range of paint which are less harmful, including popular brands like Dulux.  

The Ethical Home Edit has written a fantastic guide on which paints are best to use. Click here to give it a read! 


Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in! 

From building furniture and making your own candles to sewing curtains and making cushion covers, there are plenty of DIY projects you can do to save you money and decorate your house sustainably. 

Choose Used 

Hunting around second-hand stores is a great way to decorate your home. 

You’ll be surprised at what you can find in perfect condition that would make the best interior addition to your house.

From wallpaper to picture frames to wardrobes and sofas, buying second-hand pieces means you’re helping unnecessary waste being sent to landfill, whilst doing your bit for charity! 

Check out the British Heart Foundation for some inspiration and find your local BHF furniture store to get started. 

Buy Handmade 

There’s always something special about buying handmade products. Not only will you be helping small, independent businesses, but you’ll also be getting unique pieces to decorate your home with. 

Handmade products are more sustainable because they tend to be made from locally sourced, natural materials, with no harmful chemicals used in the process. 

If you look on Etsy, you’re bound to find some unique décor pieces for your new pad from some amazing independent sellers. 

Go Green

No house is complete without some greenery! 

Cacti, succulents, indoor trees… not only do these add colour to your home, but it has also been proved that having indoor plants helps to boost your mood and reduce air pollutants!

Go Plastic Free

When it comes to picking out furniture and decorative pieces, try and go plastic free!

Other materials like bamboo and wood are way more sustainable and they add a lovely, warm, earthy vibe to your home. 

Don’t Follow the Latest Trend

Using trends to find inspiration is great, but decorating your house based solely on what’s popular at the time isn’t always the sustainable way.

Trends are always changing, which means if you decorate your house in a certain way just because it’s ‘the in thing’, it means in a few months’ time you’ll be redecorating. This will then lead to you buying new products and the current interior pieces you have will most likely be sent to landfill. 

Instead, decorate your house in your own style. That way, you’ll know you’ll always love it and won’t have to be wasting time redecorating later down the line. 

For more eco tips on how to live more sustainably, check out our other blogs on our website! From learning how to reduce your carbon footprint to discovering the UK’s sustainable fashion brands, we’ve got all the information you need to live a greener lifestyle.

June 30, 2021 — Wave Case
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