Second to oil, fashion is the world’s most polluting industry, and so it comes as no surprise that it has been subject to much scrutinisation lately.

However, for many brands, green is the new black and a lot of clothing companies are trying to do their bit to help the environment. 

Fashion Revolution is an organisation which aims to educate fashion companies on how to produce clothing without exploiting the planet or the people. Founder and Creative Director of this project, Orsola de Castro, said: “There is no fully sustainable brand at this point in time. There are certainly brands that are embedding sustainability in the way they design and think.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and changing one of the biggest industries in the world isn’t going to happen overnight. That’s why it is important to take note of Castro’s statement and instead of expecting every fashion brand to be 100% sustainable, we should celebrate those who are trying to better their company for the greater good of the environment.  

Places like New Look, who offer vegan-friendly shoes, are examples of how small changes are just as important for the future of our planet. 

But it’s not just affordable, high-street businesses who are trying to make a difference. Stella McCartney celebrated Earth Day with an Ocean Outdoor show in April, whilst Vivienne Westwood has been advocating her ‘Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last’ campaign for many years, to help consumers change their shopping habits to protect the planet. 

Let’s take a look at some more UK sustainable fashion brands, including high-end fashion designers right through to local, independent sellers, to see how they are doing their bit to benefit the environment.

Studio Zipcode

Zipcode is a Bournemouth-based, independent slow fashion brand, specialising in sustainable loungewear sets and custom festival fashion.

Check them out:

Vegan Outfitters

Marketing towards the plant-based generation, Vegan Outfitters offers some quirky, ethically-made garms that are 100% cruelty free! And the bonus? A percentage of profits are donated to animal charities!

Shop now:


As a popular brand on the high-street, H&M are leading by example with their Conscious Collection, which features clothing made from at least 50% sustainably sourced materials. 

By 2030, H&M are aiming for all their products to be made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials. 

Learn more about the Conscious Collection:

Damson Madder

If you’re wanting to mix up your wardrobe labels (yes, we know Zara takes up most of our space!) Damson Madder is a sustainable brand that offers the latest trends at affordable prices.

Browse the range, here:

Daniel W Fletcher

The ‘Next in Fashion’ runner up and menswear designer, Daniel W Fletcher, caught our attention when he showcased his Arctic Landscape dress to highlight the issues of climate change, whilst using other designer’s scrap material to make it!

Now, his latest collection utilises organic cotton and Daniel continues to promote for a more sustainable fashion future by offering great tips on how to increase your wardrobe’s lifespan. 

View the Menswear Range:

Want to learn more?

We’ve only covered a snippet of the UK’s top sustainable brands, but there are plenty more that you could look out for including, TOMS, White Stuff, and BITE

Living sustainably doesn’t mean just thinking about the fashion brands you choose to buy from. There are so many small lifestyle changes we can make to protect the planet, including opting for a Wavecase, which offers a sustainable alternative to plastic to keep your phone looking sleek, whilst keeping it protected!

August 24, 2020 — Wave Case
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