Two hands holding a plant in the centre
February 20, 2024 — Wave Case

How To Become More Sustainable In Your Everyday Life

Trying to battle climate change can feel like a big, daunting task. And it is. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t small things you could be doing every day that...
Someone sat using a laptop with their phone screen down next to it
February 19, 2024 — Wave Case

How To Clean Your Phone and Camera

Your phone gets around. It’s typically in your hand for most of the day, it’s also against your face and mouth for phone calls, against your ear for listening and...
Sustainable paper cups piled together on display
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case

What Does Biodegradable Really Mean?

To be able to make informed choices when you’re shopping, the more knowledge about sustainable options the better. More and more products and packaging are now being described or labelled...
A lady holding a phone protected by a Wave Case phone case to her ear while sat at work in an office
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case

The Best Phone Case For Your Industry

Regardless of what type of business or industry you work in, we know for sure that your phone comes along with you every single day. And, with your phone putting...
Image of two iPhones screen down on a work desk protected by Wave Case phone cases
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case

Is It Better To Have A Hard or Soft Phone Case?

Choosing a phone case comes down to personal preference, and style options and, ultimately, depends on what you as a buyer prioritise. If you prioritise slim design and durability then...
Smartphone displaying the recycle logo laid on top of a sustainable shopping bag
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case

What is Sustainability?

As a consumer, you can really put your money where your mouth is. This means that understanding what sustainability means is crucial to making the best choices for the future...
A man and a woman packing cardboard boxes in a room
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case

What Is Carbon-Neutral Shipping?

Carbon-neutral shipping has become a common USP not only for our company but for others across the globe as businesses strive to become more sustainable.  At Wave Case, we want...
A smartphone with no case that has a cracked screen
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case

What Is Military-Grade Drop Testing?

Military-grade drop testing is a series of tests that take place, typically, to assess the durability and resilience of military equipment or devices when subjected to various drop scenarios. They...
A smartphone laid screen up displaying the welcome screen
February 13, 2024 — Wave Case

The Best Phones for Businesses

We live in a world where it’s difficult to exist or succeed if you don’t have a smartphone - that’s the reality. This is most definitely the case for businesses;...
A Christmas tree made out of lights blurred and out of focus
December 13, 2023 — Wave Case

5 Ways to Celebrate a Sustainable Christmas

We want to help you make eco-conscious choices that make a difference for our planet, whilst still spreading the Christmas cheer!
Wrapped Christmas presents with sustainable, paper wrapping paper and string
November 14, 2023 — Wave Case

Sustainable Christmas Shopping Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned sustainability enthusiast or a curious beginner, this resource will help you navigate the realm of eco-conscious shopping, helping you make considered choices this Christmas!
A carved halloween pumpkin outside in a garden
October 18, 2023 — Wave Case

5 Spooky Sustainability Facts

As our favourite spooky season draws near, we are here to share some haunting facts surrounding halloween and help you creep closer to sustainable celebrations.

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